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Fortends Solar is only dedicated to partnering with manufacturers that have a strong financial background and establishment. In this current global environment we need to align ourselves with manufacturers that can comply with the lengthy warranty offerings in solar products. Servicing and warranty obligations are not secondary to pricing, which is why we choose to stay away from “cheap and inferior” product.

Tired of spending countless labour intensive processes of conduiting the cables on the roof? At fortends the solution has been provided for new CEC compliance requirements

  • Easy to install
  • Less Costly as a solution over conduit throughout the cables
  • The labour your installers will charge to comply with new regulations can be offset using our trunking, the easy installation allows faster install times


*Compliance Trunking - Comes in 800mm 0r 1050mm lengths and is UV rated

Solar railing – compliance trunking
AS/NZS 3000

UV resistant or protected from UV by installation in UV resistant conduit(Clauses and” “When installed on roofs or floors must be mechanically protected (in enclosures or conduit) (Clause”

“Clip and lock” at Fortends Solar we have developed a innovated way to create a compliance trunking system that can be used to store and house the cable and MC4 connectors running along the rail.

1. Its easier to install then current ways
2. Its faster to install then using conduit to satify new CEC guidelines
3. Is affordable, meaning installers cannot charge you more for labour to conduit cabling behind the panels

With all the new changes in installation regulations, why take the risk and headaches of new lengthy practices when you can just use the Fortends “clip and lock” mechanism!

1. New regulations governing the installation of Solar Systems will come into effect in October 2012.
2. Part of the new rules state that all wiring must be mechanically enclosed and secured behind each panel.
3. We have developed a simple and cost effective trunking system to ensure installations are compliant.
4. This clip on cover snaps directly onto Chiko rail to support and enclose the MC4 cable and connectors.
5. The cover is UV protected as per regulatory requirements.
6. The cable within the ceiling space must be protected by conduit which we can also supply.



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